About Baddi

Simon Baddi has a particular talent to adapt to students or singers individually, which means that he hears and knows immediately what a singer is missing to use his voice healthily and correctly.

After only some hours of practicing you feel freer to use your voice.
Since I started going to him, I haven´t had to cancel any concert or performance, as I did before when I had a cold for example.

With this technique I can sing over the vocal chords and I don´t have to put a strain on them.

What is important to say about Baddi´s teaching this singing technique is that he has the ability to give you so much positive mental energy even when you are very tired, that the voice is optimally prepared for a big performance. Who else can do this in just one hour?

Marcus Pelz
Solist der Wiener Staatsoper

The singing technique he communicates is a secret which only the great big singers of our time know or knew like for example Maria Callas, Franco Corelli and Mirella Freni.
For me personally , since Baddi has been teaching me, my singing has become a new dimension My voice has gained a lot more amplitude, load capacity, strength, brilliance and warmth.

Ute Gferer
Opernhaus Zürich & Hamburgische Staatsoper

His expertise in teaching singing art has greatly influenced my personal career as an interpreter and helped me to discover new spheres in my own voice.
In the last years he became a symbolical figure in the singing scene. Colleagues from rock and pop, actors and singers from the state opera house and opera houses call on him to solve their voice problems.

Timna Brauer
Ensemble Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri

Simon Baddi is an absolutely unique teacher. His instinctive talent and his experience allow him to let the student understand in a very short time the complicated mechanism of sound emission. In this way the extension and the power of the voice increase beyond normal expectations.

I met him around 3 years ago and I was immediately stunned by the incredible energy that he transmits during his lessons. But what is important for a professional singer who goes to him to perfect himself is the technique that he can learn there. Maestro Baddi’s technique comes from the great ancient singers’ one, with a steely control of breath support and a use of high resonances that throw the voice ringing and powerful above the orchestras. Studying with him makes your emission easy, natural, powerful with clear diction and incredible extension. What really surprises then is the apparently simple way (thanks to his peculiar talent) with which Maestro Baddi obtains these things, with a not theoretical work, but very practical on the body muscles, the coordination of them, and also on the psychological sides. As a matter of fact the mechanics of emission first than rationally understood has to be practised: the body must sing, as Baddi often says.
For me knowing Maestro Baddi has been important not only as a professional singer but also just as a passionate scholar of vocal technique. He gave me the satisfaction of singing with no effort, in every pitch, with free, fluent voice.
Last but not least I can’t forget also the generosity and the enthusiasm that Simon Baddi brings in every lesson, transmitting them to every student, giving advices, telling anecdotes and making examples singing himself with his voice, an inspiring, incredible instrument.

Enrico Marrucci (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Teatro Carlo Felice, Staatstheater Bonn)